Hi there, I'm Menglu!


What I'm up to

Currently, I am a UX/UI designer at Athlon, an experience design and technology company located in New York City. With a Master's degree in Information Experience Design from Pratt Institute, I have gained strong skill sets to provide problem solutions in the digital space through a user-centered design process. Coming from a design agency work environment, I am fully capable of taking over and understanding contexts of complex client projects, delivering quality work efficiently, communicating promptly with stakeholders, and prioritizing work under time constraints. I am very passionate on all types of projects and work I do now, from large-scale enterprise systems to startup-size consumer websites. At work, I always use small pieces of time to read related articles or exploring new design trends. I enjoy working with a tight-knit and fast-paced team, but I'm also capable of working with a wider range of roles within the organization and with the clients.


How I Fell in Love with UX

I developed a strong interest in UX design when I was working at ChinaSprout, an e-commerce company that promotes educational products. A part of my job was to manage the website content and give advice on how to make it easier for customers to find products. Meanwhile, I served as a customer service representative where I answered large amounts of phone calls and emails every day. From my daily interactions and communications with customers, I found that the design of the website could make a huge impact on customers’ shopping experience and decisions.


A Bit About Me

Before working as a designer, I was a Chinese language teacher for three years at Columbia University. In my leisure time, you may find me browsing online for design inspirations, running in the park, hanging out with my friends and family, or meeting new people at various events! I was born and raised in China, and have lived in the U.S. since 2008. I am in deep love with the cultural diversity of New York City, and I especially enjoy working with folks from different backgrounds.